Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ribs, Misc

Consolidated 164 Gin Stand

"A Product of Vandergriff Research"

These Consolidated Stands are "Built Tough." There are still a lot of them on the market ginning.  Not only 164's but 198's and 116's.  Our rib can most certainly can help this stand, and has helped it.
Don't tolerate ribs that are not straight, that tag and cause rib fires.  That misery alone will quickly pay for a set of Vandergriff Ribs.  Ours are CNC machined from 1018 steel.  Accurate. Straight. Vandergriff design.  Proven.  Purchase ours and let that stand gin. Worry about other issues in your gin plant.  We also have Vandy Ribs for their 184 and 222 saw models.  They have run. They have ginned. They are proven.  If you want some Vandy ribs get on the list ASAP. It is never too early to call.  This is the same for all models of our ribs. It is never too early to call and get on the list.

We hope your season gets off to a great start.  Gin that cotton! Hope to see you down the road.

Loyd Vandergriff

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