Thursday, April 30, 2015

181 "Game Changer" ships. Misc news.

Game Changer Ships & Misc. Updates.

The latest Vandergriff 181 Game Changer Conversion just shipped out to Funston Gin in Funston, Georgia.  This gin is well suited for the conversion with 10' split over head and 24D lint cleaners. The limiting factor for converting more in this plant is press speed.  John Stallings plans to deal with this next year by speeding up his press, so he can convert his other two stands.  Ed Berry converted his 2-161 plant in Alabama last year.  He just reminded me that they finished their season 20 days earlier because of speed up of gin stands. We have enough ribs to convert 3 more stands if you want to take you gin stand and gin plant up a notch.  Remember, our 181 game changer conversion is the only one with the Vandergriff 181 gin rib. The accuracy of  our rib rails is superior, and combined with our precision rib, this arrangement can't be touched by our competitors.  

We have a couple of more sets of 161 Game Changer ribs in stock.

We are just finishing a run of our 170 ribs.  Many are sold, I think we will have 3 sets available.  

We are running more wearplates right now and can fill your orders soon. Get them in.

Loyd Vandergriff

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