Thursday, May 18, 2017

Vandergriff Inc. Late Spring Updates

Hope the repair season is going well and hope the outlook for cotton crops across the cotton belt are looking good.  A few observations and updates are in order.

There continues to be rumblings through the industry of a need for a gin rib that will not lose little seed, especially on gin stands that have gone to narrower saw spacing's.  This could come from a conversion of an existing stand, or a new gin stand that has incorporated these saw spacing's into their product line. These rumblings come from people that have never run a Vandergriff Rib in stands with narrower spacing's. This is very disconcerting. None of our gin ribs for any model of gin stand or any saw spacing has ever let seed escape. Ever. Customers who run them will readily document this.  Any loss of seed through your ribs is not acceptable.  We have ribs for all models of gin stands. Vandergriff Inc was the pioneer in the move to narrower saw spacing's and when the need arose, developed gin ribs to deal with this as well.  Managers from big gin operations in Australia that had purchased big gin stands with narrow saw spacing's reached out to us to help them with their gin rib issues. We responded.  Their issues were solved.  Whatever  model gin stand you have whether its a conversion or a new gin stand, we can help you. You don't have to "settle" for the status quo which is not working out well for you or wait for them to continue to try and develop a rib to solve this. We already have one.

Mr. Vandergriff did a lot of research on narrowing the saw spacing's in 1996.  He converted a 161 saw gin stand to a 181. This conversion ran for close to 10 years before people finally took interest in its real potential for capacity increase and seed cleaning capabilities. Could he have gone even narrower?  Understand this was a radical move for the time.  His research indicated this would be the optimum spacing to increase capacity and clean seed without issues developing. Vandergriff Inc continues to believe this spacing to be the ideal spacing.  Any effort to "narrow this down" further will bring in complications that he strongly considered at the time. All of our conversions and work we do in this area use his 1996 gold standard spacing.  All our ribs go hand in hand with this. With any gin stand that is using narrower saw spacings, a strong, accurate CNC machined gin rib is essential. We have it.

Keep checking for updates on what is going on with Vandergriff Inc. We have exciting projects in the mill. We have outstanding drying system options with our Jet Dryer, and Spider to deal with round modules that our becoming more and more the standard.

Loyd Vandergriff

Monday, April 3, 2017

Texas Cotton Ginners Trade Show

Vandergriff Inc. will be at the Texas Ginners show April 7,8 2017.  Drop by our booth and say hello.
We have products from gin ribs to Jet Dryers to gin stand conversions to the Spider round module unloader.

Hope to see you there.

Vandy Ribs For Consolidated Gin Stand

Ribs being CNC Machined from Steel Forgings for unparalled accuracy and strength

Vandergriff/American Jet Dryers in Australia

Game Changer Ribs shipping to Australia

Loyd Vandergriff

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mid-South Farm and Gin Show 2017


I just returned from the mid-south farm and gin show in Memphis. Was great to see many customer and friends there.

There is always interesting developments taking place in the ginning industry, as companies strive to obtain more and more market share for their products and services.  At this particular show, no ground breaking developments were on display or talked about much, at least in public. The industry continues to move to narrower saw spacing's in gin stands and in many cases, make the move to wider and bigger stands.  Vandergriff Inc. was out front with these narrower spacing's dating back to 1996, and of course have been out front with gin ribs to accommodate these spacing's.  There was some talk about a new "seed saver" rib for Consolidated 184 and 222 stands.   Understand that if you run a Vandergriff Rib, you will not lose any seed.  We have them running in Consolidated Stands in big ginning operations in Australia, as well as here in USA with glowing reports on their performance.  While Lummus Corporation is discontinuing the manufacturing of these Consolidated stands, understand that Vandergriff Inc is here to help those of you that still have them. You made a big investment in these stands which are good ones,  and our rib will help you maximize their performance and protect the investment you made.

No seed loss with Vandergriff Ribs for Consolidated Gin Stands.

Continental Game Changers

We are on our second run of Continental Game Changer Ribs and have a waiting list for this. Call to get on it.  Late spring delivery.

We also have waiting list for Lummus 116 and 170's.

We can convert your 161 Continental to a 181 saw gin.  22-24 bales per hour.
If you are dropping cotton with your current 161 to the point you have to run huller ribs?  Don't expect the 181 conversion to stop this.  We are adding 20 more saws and ribs to your existing stand. That's it.  Good gin stand people find it a simple matter to install our conversions and get them running with no issues and no huller ribs.

Look forward to seeing you in Lubbock April 6 and 7.

Loyd Vandergriff

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Game Changer Updates

If you fly this flag over your gin, make sure your gins ribs are made in the USA too. The Vandergriff Rib is the only one that is.  Our competitors? India. China. Pakistan.  Our American made rib is superior in every way.  American innovation and quality. That should be in your gin stand.  With this flag flying proudly.

Vandergriff Inc.
Made In USA
We Do Our Part to Make America Great Again.

Game Changer Ribs for Continental Gin Stands heading overseas.
CNC Machined from USA Steel.
Leader in the Industry for 21 years.

Current Rib News

We have a waiting list going for a second run of Game Changer ribs for Continental Gin Stands.  Projected delivery date late spring 2017.

If you need Vandy Ribs for Lummus or Consolidated Gin Stands, give us a call.

See you at the Mid-South Farm and Gin show in Memphis soon!

Vandergriff Inc. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Year 2017 Updates

Hope the New Year is off to a good start for everyone, and the ginning season was a good one. A few updates are in order.

We have a waiting list for 161 game changer ribs.  We are finishing up a big run for Australia and will be soon switching over to domestic USA run.  Of this first run, 80% of ribs are reserved.
There are a couple of more sets available in this first run.  We will do another run after this, which will be the last for 2017.  If you are considering The Vandergriff Game Changer rib, I would not wait too long to get on the list.  This second run delivery date will be in April-May area.

After this, we will run Vandergriff Ribs for Lummus Gin Stands, and for Consolidated gin stands. It is best to get on the list for these as well. Delivery dates for these are late spring to mid-summer. Our Consolidated 222 Rib eliminates nagging issues the affect performance of your gin stand.  No need to convert that stand to get away from rib issues.  We have the solution.

Most know by now that our ribs are not made from cheap foreign castings.  Ours are made in the USA from start to finish. From raw USA steel, to the forgings, and finally the CNC machines that finish them up.  We have been doing this a long time. (21 years) Competitors keep trying to "come up with a rib" to compete.  Even now they are still trying.  We already have the rib.  We have the process down to get it to you in the most cost efficient way possible. This is not experimental stuff. This is proven stuff.

If you are interested in converting your 161 gin stand to a 181, We can do that for you.  After intially running  tests on our conversion, we decided to elimate end ribs that proved to cause nagging issues. We replaced with 1 intermediate rib.  So we ultimately have 180 saws now.  Don't let this "one saw less" thing dupe you into thinking competitors conversions can out gin ours because they have a true 181.  It can't.  More importantly, they will never have access to the Vandergriff 181 game changer rib.  If they say the rib isn't important?  Try to gin without it.

We do our part To make America Great Again by providing the Cotton Ginning Industry with the a gin rib that is superior, and American made.

We do our part, to make America Great.
Made in the USA
Quality does matter, in your gin stand.

Loyd Vandergriff

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Updates

Hope the 2016 ginning season is going well for all. A few updates and reminders are in order, as this season begins to wind down.

Game Changer Ribs 

We have a waiting list started for Vandergriff Game Changer ribs for Continental Gin Stands. The first run of these will be ready around mid-February, 2017.  If we have to make another run to fill demand, then we are looking mid to late summer.  You need to call Vandergriff Inc. to get on list if you are interested in these high performance ribs, especially this first run.  We also make ribs for all others models of gin stands and it would be wise to call and get on a list for these as well. We CNC Machine between 7,000-8,000 ribs per year.  Even with this, if can be difficult to meet demand.


Our Game Changer 161-181 conversions are running good this season. You can up the capacity of your gin stand and plant in the most efficient way possible in terms of cost by converting your stands. These bad boys cruise at 20 BPH, and are capable of ginning rates of 22-24 BPH.  Our conversions are the only one with the Vandergriff 181 Game Changer rib. Competitors will not have access to this rib. We have elimated end ribs and replaced them with 1 intermediate rib to elimate nagging end rib issues.  This reduced our conversion to only 180 Saws.  Competitors try to make a big deal over this. This has not affected capacity of our conversion at all.  Don't fall for this weak attempt to compete with our conversion.

Think twice before you commit to big wide gin stands to get more capacity.  This will only be the beginning of your costs.

2 Vandergriff 181 Conversions running now at Cherokee Gin in Alabama.

Loyd Vandergriff

Vandergriff-American also offers The Jet Dryer and The Spider Round Module Feeder.  For information on these call:

John Freeman

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Game Changer Conversions.

We have several gins running our conversions in the field now.   These are 2 of the most recent 161-181 Conversions done by Vandergriff Inc. These particular ones are running at Cherokee Gin in Alabama.

These are cruising at 20 BPH per hour in this 2 stand plant, and have run up to 22-23 BPH.    If you have Continental Gin Stands and want to increase your capacity without spending excessive amounts of money on new gin stands, this is a very attractive option for you.   If  gin company's come knocking on your door wanting to sell you 10-12' wide gin stands, make sure you consider all the cost involved with it.  Changing overhead. Lint Cleaning.  Also, bigger fans and more horsepower for drying. Bigger burners, more BTU's.  Press upgrades. $$$.

Vandergriff Inc is the pioneer in the move to these narrower saw spacings, and gin stand conversions. Mr. Vandergriff did the first one in 1996.  This is the only conversion with the Game Changer Vandergriff Rib. Competitors do not and will not have access to this rib.

If you want to upgrade your plant , this should be an attractive option for you to consider.

Products of Vandergriff Research are made in the USA.  Not China. Not India. Not Pakistan.  The quality shows.

Loyd Vandergriff