Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ginning Season on the Horizon

We hope the repair season has gone well. It was another good year for Vandergriff Gin Ribs, we appreciate all our loyal customers, and those that have installed our rib for the first time. You won't be disappointed.  Gin ribs are what we do and take pride in, from 1018 USA Steel that are forged into an accurate forging by a process that is hard to duplicate, and finally to the extreme precision of our CNC Machining.  And it is this precision in key areas that makes all the difference. We have been doing this for 21 years now and have the formula down especially in vital areas of the rib design. If smaller seed are becoming a consistent issue for you, we can take our existing design that is proven over time and slightly modify it to what we call for now, a Vandergriff "Extreme." This will most certainly deal with littler seed varieties.  If you are running even narrower saw spacings, our design will run smoother, not damage seed or cause rib fires, and you will not have to pull out the stand to blow out or clean ribs on a frequent basis.

There was some very bad information that spread through the industry about the need for a good rib for gin stands with narrower saw spacings. Our rib, unfairly got lumped into the category.  The source of all this did have huge issues with  ribs, but had never tried a Vandergriff Rib in their gin stand to try and remedy this issue. Statements like this are unfortunate for the industry.  Our rib for  gin stands that went to narrower saw spacings (Vandergriff 1996)  have been running and are running in  gin stands across the cotton belt and in Australia as well. Vandergriff Research was and is the catalyst behind the industry's move to narrow. We developed gin ribs to accommodate this. It is inconceivable that with so many of them running successfully in the industry (8,000+) that they would lose seed.  Again, if small seed are becoming troublesome, we can apply our Extreme design feature for you.

If you currently  ginning with Consolidated Gin Stands, we can help you.  164. 198. 184. 222.  We have ribs for you. They run good. They don't tag or start rib fires. You don't have to pull out the stands and clean them out.  Don't let gin ribs hamper the performance of your Consolidated Gin Stand.  It is a very good, well designed piece of ginning equipment. (A Product of Vandergriff Research)

Our Game Changer Ribs for Continental Gin stands are the Cadillac of Ribs for your Continental  gin stand.  Competitors talk a good game, but we always get calls and end up replacing them with ours.  Tagging, Fires. Breakage.  Just things you should not have to put up with from gin ribs.

We of course also provide Vandy ribs for Lummus 158, 170 and other model gin stands. Same Vandergriff Design and production process that has made it the Cadillac of ribs for 21 years. Many of these have been running in gin stands for 10 years or longer.  They simply change out the wearplate when necessary. The accuracy, strength and precision of this model rib has ruled the day since its inception.

Cherokee Gin Stand Owners?  We have Vandy Ribs Running in your stands as well. We can provide help for you too.  If you are going to wider gin stands up to 12 feet and have extreme horsepower on your roll box. You need a Vandergriff Rib to deal with these difficult stresses and strains put on the gin rib.   Don't let inferior ribs hamper performance of your gin stand. You have way too big of an investment for this to happen.

The Jet Dryer is also a product of Vandergriff Research and ginners are finding all about its unique drying features, energy efficiency and cost savings.  Not to mention good drying that continues on into the cylinder cleaners promoting more efficient trash release.

"Product's of Vandergriff Research"

Loyd Vandergriff