Monday, June 27, 2016

Mid-Summer Updates

It is smokin hot here in the Central Valley of California, and before you know it, the 4th of July will be here.

I wanted to update you on a few things, especially the performance of our Vandergriff Rib for Consolidated 184 and 222 saw gin stands.

Field reports from two different ginning operations in Australia continue to be outstanding.  Absolutely no issues at all with these ribs.  No tagging. No rib fires. No breakage of ribs.  This allows the gin stand to stay in and just gin.  Hour after hour. Shift after shift. Week after week.  This adds up to  a huge increase in productivity and increased profits for a ginning operation.  There is much talk by political candidates here in the USA, (especially by the Republican candidate) to "Buy American,  and Make America Great Again."  We at Vandergriff Inc. are all for that. Our steel, our forgings, and our CNC machined ribs are made from start to finish here in the USA.  The quality and performance shows.  Our competitors purchase their gin ribs from China, India, and even worse Pakistan. There is nothing "American" about them at all. More importantly,  they simply can not match the Vandergriff Rib in terms of quality, precision and performance. If you want to get what you paid for in terms of performance from your gin stand, we are here to help.   

We also have enough 181 Continental Game Changer ribs in stock to do two more 161-181 conversions.  No need to purchase the big wide gin stands forcing you to spend excessive amounts of money in other areas of your ginning operation. We can get you more capacity in a much more cost effective way. And as you well know, this is very important in the economic climate of today for todays ginners.  We are the pioneers in this area,  and the only one that offers the Vandergriff Game Changer Rib.  With the narrower saw spacings, cast ribs have a difficult time holding up to the extreme pressure placed on them by denser seed rolls and more often than not, increased horsepower applied to the roll box.

Jet Dryers:
Our Jet Dryers are now running all over the cotton belt here in the USA, and in several big operations in Australia.  No other dryer on the market creates as much turbulence, single locks, and reduces moisture as efficiently as they do.  Very low static drop, and the cotton enters the cleaners warm enhancing trash release. 

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Loyd Vandergriff

Made in the USA