Monday, February 29, 2016

Update on Mid-South Farm in Gin Show.

We are back from the Mid-South Farm and Gin Show hosted in Memphis.  Thanks to all who dropped by our booth.  There was considerable interest in many of the product's and services we offer to the ginning community.

Key personnel from Namoi Cooperative in Australia.
Working with Vandy Inc., they have converted 40, 161 saw Continental Gin Stands to 181's.
These conversions all have the Vandergriff 181 Game Changer Rib.

Nic Thompson of Samual Strapping. Wayne Towns of Auscott. Auscott is running our Jet Dryers.
They are putting in 2 sets of our Vandy 222 ribs in their big Consolidated Gin Stands.  Loyd Vandergriff on the Left. John Freeman far right.  We take ribs and drying seriously. We can help you.

We have a waiting list for all models of our ribs. Continental Game Changers will be ready in a week.

In this tight economic environment, why buy a big 10-12 foot wide gin stand to increase your capacity?  If you are running Continental Gin Stands now, we can convert them for you.  You don't have to make massive changes in your overhead and lint cleaning.  Not to mention more air, heat and horsepower for drying. Consider all those costs. Our 181 can gin 24 BPH and cruise at 22.  Our Jet Dryers can reduce your drying costs and better prepare the cotton to go into your inclines to allow for better trash release.

We will be in Lubbock in early April for the Texas Cotton Ginner's Show. Come by and lets visit.

Loyd Vandergriff

All products provided by Vandergriff Inc are Product's of Vandergriff Research and Made in the USA.

Let's Gin.