Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mid-South Farm and Gin Show 2017


I just returned from the mid-south farm and gin show in Memphis. Was great to see many customer and friends there.

There is always interesting developments taking place in the ginning industry, as companies strive to obtain more and more market share for their products and services.  At this particular show, no ground breaking developments were on display or talked about much, at least in public. The industry continues to move to narrower saw spacing's in gin stands and in many cases, make the move to wider and bigger stands.  Vandergriff Inc. was out front with these narrower spacing's dating back to 1996, and of course have been out front with gin ribs to accommodate these spacing's.  There was some talk about a new "seed saver" rib for Consolidated 184 and 222 stands.   Understand that if you run a Vandergriff Rib, you will not lose any seed.  We have them running in Consolidated Stands in big ginning operations in Australia, as well as here in USA with glowing reports on their performance.  While Lummus Corporation is discontinuing the manufacturing of these Consolidated stands, understand that Vandergriff Inc is here to help those of you that still have them. You made a big investment in these stands which are good ones,  and our rib will help you maximize their performance and protect the investment you made.

No seed loss with Vandergriff Ribs for Consolidated Gin Stands.

Continental Game Changers

We are on our second run of Continental Game Changer Ribs and have a waiting list for this. Call to get on it.  Late spring delivery.

We also have waiting list for Lummus 116 and 170's.

We can convert your 161 Continental to a 181 saw gin.  22-24 bales per hour.
If you are dropping cotton with your current 161 to the point you have to run huller ribs?  Don't expect the 181 conversion to stop this.  We are adding 20 more saws and ribs to your existing stand. That's it.  Good gin stand people find it a simple matter to install our conversions and get them running with no issues and no huller ribs.

Look forward to seeing you in Lubbock April 6 and 7.

Loyd Vandergriff