Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Game Changer Conversions.

We are starting to get set-up to convert 161 saw gin stands to 181's.  If you are interested in converting your 161 give me a call. The prices for this year are still at the introductory phase and will increase some for next year. This conversion is tested and proven.  Read other blogs on the conversion to get good information as to what is involved, and how it can help you..

We still have a few sets of 170 ribs for a Lummus Gin Stand. Only 1 set of game changer 161's left. If we sell this, another run maybe considered.  We have a couple of sets of 141's.  We are working on a rib for a Consolidated 164/198 and several sets will be running for the 2015 Season.

All Vandergriff Inc. Parts are Made in the USA.  The quality shows. Chinese, Indian or Pakistani parts? You get what you pay for. They are cast ribs, and our competitors choose to cut the manufacturing cost of their ginstand by using these.  You don't have to put up with that. Your gin stand is the heart of your ginning operation and should be outfitted with ribs the will maximize its performance.

Call Loyd Vandergriff

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mid South Farm and Gin Show...Report

I just returned from the Mid-South Farm and Gin Show in Memphis this past week. Very pleased with the results of the show and saw lots of friends and customers.

Highlights of the show were as follows:

Continental 161-181 Conversions getting lots of talk and interest. Sold some in Memphis.

Game Changer ribs...people are seeing they are the real deal.

New Consolidated Rib created the most buzz of the show. People want them. Tired of crooked, cheap cast ribs that lose seed and came with a whole host of performance issues.

Here are a few pictures from the show.:

Mr. Donald Van Doorn received the 3rd annual Vandergriff Pioneer Award at the 2015 Awards Banquet. Mr.Van Doorn was an integral part of  Lummus product development for over 60 years. Pictured above is Loyd with Don's 3 children.

Zane Burkett of Burkett Gin dropped by the booth. He has been running Vandergriff 170 ribs for over 10 years. No issues. This works out to be a pretty cheap rib don't ya think?  Don't have to replace them. Just gin. He also runs Vandergriff/American Jet Dryers. He said if someone tried to take em out, they would have to shoot him.

Loyd and Brad Glenn of Sowega Ginning, Climax, GA. Brad has 5 Lummus 170 Gin Stands. 4 Jet Dryers.  70 Bales per hour gin. Have not seen a better operation anywhere.  He runs Vandergriff Ribs and we are going to test a "Game Changer" 170 Rib there for the 2015 season.

We are taking orders for ribs, wearplates, and Conversions. There is a waiting list for some Models.

Loyd Vandergriff

All Parts made in the USA.