Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Vandergriff Ribs For Consolidated Stands.

We are now offerering a Vandergriff Rib for Consolidated 164/198/184/ and 222 saw gin stands.

The production process to get this rib made is exactly like we use on all other Vandergriff Gin Ribs.  Ribs are machined from 1018 Steel.  They are accurate from rib to rib.  No loss of little seed.  No nagging troubles.  We continue to hear stories of how bad their 184 and 222 rib performed.  We are here to step in with a quality rib to fill this void.  These stands are a "Product of Vandergriff Research."  Its only right we offer a Vandergriff Rib for you to install in it.

Vandergriff Rib for Consolidated 198 Saw Gin Stand.
These were installed in Alabama.

Vandergriff Inc.'s Product line are all Products of Vandergriff Research, and all made in the USA. The Quality Shows.

Loyd Vandergriff