Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Game Changer Ribs

I wanted to give you some updates on our "Game Changer Rib." I don't think I have done a good enough job telling the ginning community how well these ribs are performing. We made a change to our Continental 161 rib two years ago, pulling the profile back down some. (See Pic)  This makes the slope of the rib greater and steeper which allows the seed to release or tumble out from the seed roll better.  If you are running a tight roll...this is going be of great benefit in releasing seed, making the roll run looser and ultimately increasing capacity.

The Rib in front is the new game changer profile. Note change from the older style in the back.

Customers running this rib in their 161 gin stands that previously ran very tight seed rolls are reporting up to a bale an hour increase per stand using the game changer.

This game changer rib is also a very important part of our 181 Game changer conversions when we convert 161-181 saw gin stands.  More saws, narrower spacings produce a denser seed roll.  These game changers are essential in helping get them out.  We have 181 Game Changer gin stands running 22 bales per hour here in the USA and in Australia as well.  

If you are interested in Game Changer Ribs or Conversions.  Call Vandergriff Inc.

Loyd Vandergriff

Vandergriff Inc. 
Products of Vandergriff Research.

Hope to see you at the Mid-South Gin Show in Memphis. FEB 2015.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Vandy 181 Game Changer.

Get in the Game.

2 161's Converted to 181's.

"A Product of Vandergriff Research"

Loyd Vandergriff

Monday, October 27, 2014

Latest Update on Game Changer Conversion

Current Update on Game Changer Conversion.

This Sunday, October 26th, 2014 Ed Berry sent me the following picture. He was estatic that his 2 161 stands converted to 181 Game Changers were ginning 43 bales per hour. This is 21.5 bales per hour per stand.  Please read the previous blog and other blogs for more detailed information on these conversions. We are offering them for the 2015 season.  

Two Vandergriff 181 "Game Changer" conversions ginning at 43 BPH at Moseley's Gin in Abbeville, Alabama.

Do you have Continental Gin Stands?  Do you need more capacity and don't want to spend ridiculous amounts of money on new gin stands to get it? Give me a call. You will get fixed up and have lots of money left over to spend on other parts of your ginning operation.

The 181 Game Changer Conversion is a "Product of Vandergriff Research."

Loyd Vandergriff

We run Vandergriff Gin Ribs and they are the BEST they run much longer with less tags and will be looking into doing the Vandergriff 161 conversion after this season when it gets on the market.
Jimmy Tuberville
Tri-County Gin. Douglas GA

Friday, October 24, 2014

181 Conversion Data and Pics.

The Vandergriff 181 Game Changer Conversion.
"A Product of Vandergriff Research"

As most of you know, we have converted 2 Continental 161 Gin stands to a 180 saws and 181 Ribs.  This conversion took place at Moseley's Gin & Warehouse, Abbeville, Alabama.  Ed Berry is the gin manager there.  We now have some tangible results to report from these conversions. Our goal was to increase the capacity of the gin stand in the most cost efficient way, and to provide an option to the ginning community to increase their plant capacities without spending ridiculous amounts of money on new gin stands.  We have now proved that this can be done, by converting 161's to 181's.  

181 Conversion cruising at 40 bales per hour. 20 bales per hour per stand.

(click link above)

What is the process?

For now, you can send us the middle part of your front where your rib rail is located, and we will remove it, and install a new rib rail accurately drilled and tapped with 181 holes. This will be a solid, stout rail that will handle increased loads.  We will make the space blocks and also provide end plates.  This conversion does not use end ribs.  We will also provide the "game changer" 181 ribs. We call this the game changer because of some profile modifications we made to the rib to let the seed out of the roll better, making an increase in capacity more achievable.  We will ship all this back and you just put your front back on get your saw stacked and trained using our space blocks, and then install the 181 ribs.  You will be ready to gin at higher capacities.  We recommend a 200 HP motor for maximum results.

Ginner. Ed Berry. Loyd Vandergriff, Chris Nachtmann, CNC Performance Engineering.

Loyd Vandergriff standing in front of 181 Game Changer Conversion.

This conversion provides the industry with the most cost effective way to increase your capacity on the market today.

All of Vandergriff Inc's products are, "A Product of Vandergriff Research."

Loyd Vandergriff

Spend the money on converting your existing stands. Use the money you save to upgrade the rest of your plant.  You will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First Reports on Conversion Performance.

161-181 Conversion

Two Continental 161 Gin Stands were converted by Vandergriff Inc. to 181 Gin Stands we are choosing to call "The Game Changer."  Very early on in this new season they have ginned 38 bales per hour on this two stand plant, meaning each stand is ginning at a rate of 19 bales per hour.  They are capable of ginning at even higher rates, but we will see if this plant can handle those type of capacities.  These conversions now are starting to meet our expectations, and we will begin to offer these to the ginning industry.  Please read other blogs here to see what we have done to these stands to get these types of capacities.  

2 Vandergriff Inc. Game Changer 181 Gin Stands.
Sept 29th, 2014.

Vandergriff Inc. is the only company that can convert Continental Gin stands using the precision machining required to get optimum performance from these stands and of course along with narrower saw spacings,  the Vandergriff Game Changer 181 rib is an integral part of the conversion.

Loyd Vandergriff

Friday, September 19, 2014

Updates. Let's Gin

Let's Gin!

Many of you have cranked up by now. Hope all is going well. Once again, we will be running two conversions in Alabama that will be of great interest if you have a Continental Gin Stand.  We have converted 2 - 161 saw gins to 180 saws.  This added amount of saws and ribs of course will allow "more ginning, " and will contribute to the seed roll having a greater density and running tighter. To off set this, we modified the profile of the rib to a little steeper slope to let the seed discharge easier. We know this modification works.  This rib (game changer) has run in Australia for 3 years now, and in a couple of gins in the USA this past season.  If you are interested in getting more capacity out of your Continental Gin Stands, we can help you, and do so in a very cost efficient manner.  We should have some good data on these conversions within a month, so check back here for updates.  You can get in touch with Loyd Vandergriff soon after if you are interested in discussing these conversions, and how they could help you.  Also, we are using this "game changer," profile on our new 161 rib.  They have performed well and helped customers ginning with 161's increase their capacities and keep those little seed from escaping though the ginning point and popping out behind the stand or worse, getting into the lint cleaners and getting ground up contaminating the samples. Ugh.

Remember, once gin season is over to get your orders in ASAP.  We make alot of ribs and wearplates, but it takes time and when we enter into a second run, this places delivery dates close to summer. It's much better to get your orders in and have them filled from our "first run."

Click on Pictures for better, detailed views.

161-180 Saw Conversion.
Note rib rail. Solid.  Accurate. We do this in the factory in North Carolina.
CNC Performance Engineering.

We will provide precision end plates. There are NO end ribs in this conversion. But the contour of the end plate will fit snuggly over the last rib.  Again, note rib rail. Quality. Precision.

Vandergriff 180 rib installed in conversion.  
We make our own space blocks precision machined to go with this conversion.

Like Mr. Vandergriff used to say, "Let's Gin!"

Loyd Vandergriff

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

161-181 Conversion Pictures.

161-181 Conversions.

We have done alot of research in the area of Gin Stand Conversions. Most of this has been based on the seminal work done by Mr. A.L Vandergriff in this area.  In 1996, he converted a gin stand at Elbow Gin in Visalia, CA to 181 saws, using the narrowest spacing in the industry.  This stand ran unnoticed until the mid 2000's when one company  starting applying these same spacings to their new gin stands. Since then,   Vandergriff Inc. worked with Namoi cooperative several years ago helping them convert their 161 Continental Gin Stands to 181 saws.  Of course the Vandergriff Rib is in all these conversions, and key information on saw spacings were provided by Vandergriff Inc.

Last year, Loyd Vandergriff started going through his father's files and notes relating to the 1996 conversion. From this, much important information was pulled and applied to what Vandergriff Inc. is currently doing with these test conversions in Alabama.  We have taken fronts from 2 161 gin stands and installed new rib rails. These rails are solid, and drilled and tapped accurately at CNC Production Engineering in North Carolina.  Then they are installed in the 161 fronts.  Again, solid..stout, and most importantly accurate spacings. CNC Production Machine also machines the 181 rib used in the conversion from 1018 steel forgings.  Vandergriff Inc. has proprietary rights on all of this process from forging to final ribs.  You simply can not get this quality anywhere else.  We also modified the profile of the rib to let the out seed better, because the seed roll will become denser.  We also provide our own space blocks machined from 6061aircraft aluminum to close tolerances. These space blocks aren't the sorry cast mess you get from overseas.  No one can provide a quality package for a conversion like this. Best part of all of it?  Made in USA.  All of it.

Here are some pictures of what is going on now in Alabama.  There are other pictures in this blog as well you can look for, as well as a video of a conversion being tested in early January 2014.

Conversion on site in Alabama.

Please take note of the new rib rail.  Solid and accurate. Vandergriff 181 ribs are so precision they bolt right on.  No variation at ginning point.  No little seed escape. Modified rib profile lets the seed out better. Those space blocks are machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum with precision.

Vandergriff End Rib Plates.

Take note of the end rib filler plates.  Again, stainless and accurate. The plate is machined at the bottom to the contour of the end rib.  The end rib fits snug against the plate.  The stainless is smooth and all the troubles associated with badly made end plates etc. will be eliminated.  This of course is a constant issue in 161 gin stands as well as 141's.

181 Saw Rib Alignment.

The accuracy of this entire conversion is reflected in this picture.

181 Saws/Ribs in Vandy 181 Conversion.

This conversion is a "Product of Vandergriff Research."
Made in the USA.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Changing Wearplates out of Vandy Gin Ribs.

The best and safest way to change out wearplates is to take your gin breast off, lay it down and carefully drive out the wearplates with a punch from the backside.  Then, turn them around and replace them like is shown in the video.

If you ever have any questions, call Vandergriff Inc.

Time is about out to get your Vandy Gin ribs for this upcoming season.

Also, 2 161-181 Conversions will be running this season in Alabama.  If these perform up to expectations, they will be a hot ticket for the 2015 gin season.  Keep checking back here for updates on this.

Loyd Vandergriff

Monday, June 9, 2014

Vandergriff "Game Changer" Conversions.

We have just shipped the second "game changer" conversion to Alabama.  This consists of converting a 161 Continental Gin Stand  to 181 saws.  To do this, we replace the rib rail with a new drilled and tapped one with 181 holes CNC machined with great precision to go with our precision 181 Game Changer rib.  No other manufacturer is capable of this accuracy and has the ability to make this type of conversion with this type of accuracy.  We also include an "end plate," that fits the contour of the end rib, so all those issues related to end ribs are elimated.  We provide machined space blocks as well, that are accurate and this works well with the rest of the conversion where accuracy is a premium.  We fully expect a significant increase in capacity, and a much better job of getting those little seed clean.  This game changer rib has a profile tweak that well let the seed out much better so there will be no increased load on your roll box.  Just gin. Thats it. And Smile.  This conversion will very cost efficient for the ginner compared to purchasing a new gin stand to accomplish what we will with this.

End Plate Arrangement. 

New Rib Rail. Precision, Accuracy.

We can convert your 141 saw gin to 161 very easily as well.

Loyd Vandergriff