Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Early Summer Updates

Hope everyone has got the cotton in the ground. Weather has been tricky in many area's with the elements from cold to rain getting in the way.

We are about to complete the first big run of Vandergriff  Continental Game Changers, well over 2000 parts.  Delivery date first week of June.  We then will start the second big run with a mid-July delivery date.  Then, close to a 2000 run Lummus, with August delivery date. This has been one of our bigger years. Toss in the Australian market earlier and the CNC machines in Charlotte, NC have been grinding away all year. The amount of ribs we get through these CNC machines is amazing.

If you haven't ordered ribs yet, we might be able to work in a few more sets of Continentals, but that will be it. As far as Lummus, we are up against the clock on delivery dates on any new orders.

Smaller Varieties of Seed

We have two sets of "test ribs" running in Australia. Loyd modified a key part of the Vandergriff rib to see how it would respond to the smaller varieties of seed.  Initial reports are outstanding, and we most certainly can incorporate this modification for the USA market. We also do offer a carbide option, if you gin a lot of cotton it maybe something for you to consider.

Loyd Vandergriff

The industry standard for close to 25 years.
Made in the USA