Thursday, December 26, 2013

King Cotton On iTunes

Loyd's song about Ginning Cotton is now available on iTunes.
It is about Cotton from planting, to harvesting, to ginning, to shipping it to the mills.


More updates:
We are testing a rib for Consolidated Gin Stands. 164/198. Should be available in limited supply's for 2014. Yeah..bout time..we know.

Also, a "game-changer," rib will be available in limited supply for 161 and 170 gin stands. If you are running a 200 HP motor and have a tight roll, this rib is what you need to get those seed out and lessen the load on the roll box.

"King Cotton"

Happy New Year from Vandergriff Inc.

Hope to see you in Memphis, TN at the gin show in 2014.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Vandergriff Gin Rib News

Most know that Vandergriff Inc. makes the world's highest quality cotton gin ribs and of course they are superior in their performance, especially in high capacity gin stands, ie Continental, Lummus and soon...Consolidated. Our main competitors gin ribs are manufactured in China, India, and Pakistan. Vandergriff Ribs are the result of American ingenuity at its best and American Manufactering at its best as well. They are indeed, "American Made." I would like to note that due to a dispute over the treatment of an Indian diplomat here in the USA, they are now protesting in India and even burning American Flags. Pakistan? They harbor terrorist who cross over from Afghanistan and hide there. China? Their ribs are cast ribs, that just don't in any way, shape or form match up to the Vandergriff Gin Rib. Ginner's that have high capacity, well managed gin operations all use the Vandergriff Gin Rib. Made in the USA. The performance and quality shows.

Burning of our  Flag in India.

Vandergriff Ribs are the product of American Ingenuity and 100% Made in the USA.

Ginners, The Game Changer rib is in the works for 2014.