Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First Reports on Conversion Performance.

161-181 Conversion

Two Continental 161 Gin Stands were converted by Vandergriff Inc. to 181 Gin Stands we are choosing to call "The Game Changer."  Very early on in this new season they have ginned 38 bales per hour on this two stand plant, meaning each stand is ginning at a rate of 19 bales per hour.  They are capable of ginning at even higher rates, but we will see if this plant can handle those type of capacities.  These conversions now are starting to meet our expectations, and we will begin to offer these to the ginning industry.  Please read other blogs here to see what we have done to these stands to get these types of capacities.  

2 Vandergriff Inc. Game Changer 181 Gin Stands.
Sept 29th, 2014.

Vandergriff Inc. is the only company that can convert Continental Gin stands using the precision machining required to get optimum performance from these stands and of course along with narrower saw spacings,  the Vandergriff Game Changer 181 rib is an integral part of the conversion.

Loyd Vandergriff

Friday, September 19, 2014

Updates. Let's Gin

Let's Gin!

Many of you have cranked up by now. Hope all is going well. Once again, we will be running two conversions in Alabama that will be of great interest if you have a Continental Gin Stand.  We have converted 2 - 161 saw gins to 180 saws.  This added amount of saws and ribs of course will allow "more ginning, " and will contribute to the seed roll having a greater density and running tighter. To off set this, we modified the profile of the rib to a little steeper slope to let the seed discharge easier. We know this modification works.  This rib (game changer) has run in Australia for 3 years now, and in a couple of gins in the USA this past season.  If you are interested in getting more capacity out of your Continental Gin Stands, we can help you, and do so in a very cost efficient manner.  We should have some good data on these conversions within a month, so check back here for updates.  You can get in touch with Loyd Vandergriff soon after if you are interested in discussing these conversions, and how they could help you.  Also, we are using this "game changer," profile on our new 161 rib.  They have performed well and helped customers ginning with 161's increase their capacities and keep those little seed from escaping though the ginning point and popping out behind the stand or worse, getting into the lint cleaners and getting ground up contaminating the samples. Ugh.

Remember, once gin season is over to get your orders in ASAP.  We make alot of ribs and wearplates, but it takes time and when we enter into a second run, this places delivery dates close to summer. It's much better to get your orders in and have them filled from our "first run."

Click on Pictures for better, detailed views.

161-180 Saw Conversion.
Note rib rail. Solid.  Accurate. We do this in the factory in North Carolina.
CNC Performance Engineering.

We will provide precision end plates. There are NO end ribs in this conversion. But the contour of the end plate will fit snuggly over the last rib.  Again, note rib rail. Quality. Precision.

Vandergriff 180 rib installed in conversion.  
We make our own space blocks precision machined to go with this conversion.

Like Mr. Vandergriff used to say, "Let's Gin!"

Loyd Vandergriff