Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Game Changer Updates

If you fly this flag over your gin, make sure your gins ribs are made in the USA too. The Vandergriff Rib is the only one that is.  Our competitors? India. China. Pakistan.  Our American made rib is superior in every way.  American innovation and quality. That should be in your gin stand.  With this flag flying proudly.

Vandergriff Inc.
Made In USA
We Do Our Part to Make America Great Again.

Game Changer Ribs for Continental Gin Stands heading overseas.
CNC Machined from USA Steel.
Leader in the Industry for 21 years.

Current Rib News

We have a waiting list going for a second run of Game Changer ribs for Continental Gin Stands.  Projected delivery date late spring 2017.

If you need Vandy Ribs for Lummus or Consolidated Gin Stands, give us a call.

See you at the Mid-South Farm and Gin show in Memphis soon!

Vandergriff Inc.