Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Season!


We are taking orders for 2016. I encourage you to get your order in as early as possible. What this does is get you on the waiting list and put you at the top of the list for delivery dates if you order early.  All of our parts are time-consuming to make because of the precision machine work that goes into them. They are not parts made from a casting that have very little machining done on them. We are taking orders for the following:

Gin Ribs.

Continental Ribs:
Continental Ribs are all Game Changer ribs now, with the tweaked profile to help with seed discharge, and increased capacity. We offer 141, 161, and 181 Models.  The 161 also fits the 201 Gin Stand.

158, 116, 170 Model Ribs.

164/198/184/222 Model Ribs.

All Vandergriff Ribs are made in the USA from steel forgings and CNC machined.  No one can compete with their strength and precision, a must when dealing with little seed varieties and denser seed rolls with high horsepower driving it.

We can convert your 161 gin stand to a 181 gin stand. This will significantly increase your capacity, prevent loss of little seed, and do a better job of cleaning the seed. We can also convert your 141 to a 161 or 181 saw gin stand.  These conversions are now proven, and the parts we use to convert these stands are second to none. Vandergriff Inc. is the pioneer in gin stand conversions, and of course led to move to the narrower saw spacings now becoming more and more commonplace in the industry.

"I had Vandergriff Inc. convert 2 of my 161 Gin Stands. They have run for 2 seasons now averaging 20 BPH, and we have hit 22 BPH on many occasions.  I have had no issues with these conversions.  One of the best things I have done to my gin plant was to do this."  Ed Berry. Moseley's Gin and Whse.  334-585-2345

As far as conversions go, we could be making an exciting announcement soon on partnering up with someone that will do nothing but improve the conversion and allow us to follow it into the field to ensure its success.

We also offer Jet Dryers, the most efficient drying system on the market today, and The Spider, also the most efficient way to get those round modules into your gin.

Loyd Vandergriff

All Products of Vandergriff Research are Made in the USA with US Steel, not inferior foreign manufactered stuff.