Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The Vandergriff 181 Conversion for Continental Gin Stands.

The key to any successful conversion is an accurately drilled and tapped rib rail.  There is no one in the industry that can get this done as accurately as Vandergriff Inc.  My partner, Chris Nachtmann at CNC Performance Engineering for 19 years can hold tolerances from hole to hole at .001.  The machine can drill and tap the entire length of the rail, and we don't have to do it in pieces or segments.  The rail is stout.  Major troubles arise when rib rails are not machined properly on inferior equipment. Hole spacings have been taken directly from Mr. A.L. Vandergriff's drawings he did in 1996, when he converted a Continental Gin stand to 181 saws at the time.

Vandergriff Inc. 2014. All rights reserved.

181 Rib Rail getting drilled and tapped at CNC Performance Engineering Huntersville, NC.

Vandergriff Inc. has a proprietary arrangement on this arrangement used to  install the rib rail.  This fixture holds both end plates accurately and square allowing the rail to be put in perfectly. It all starts here with this type of precision, that will trickle down all the way to the space blocks and saws when its time to put that part of the conversion together. This is not done in a hap-hazard manner.

Vandergriff Inc. arrangement for installing rib rail to end plates.
(All rights reserved,Vandergriff Inc. 2014)

An accurately machined rib is a must for the narrowest saw spacing's in the industry. Cast Ribs will not be strong enough to hold up under the tremendous pressure that a 200 HP motor will exert. The lack of accuracy in the cast will also allow little variety's of seed slip through the gaps causing a nightmare for grades and loss of seed.  Vandergriff Ribs are accurate and machined from a 1018 domestic steel closed die forging. We don't use inferior material from China!  We have also tweaked the profile to allow for better seed discharge.  This also greatly contributes to increased capacity.

Vandergriff Inc. 2014. Game Changer Rib.

Rib in front has profile change. Accuracy and precision of machining from rib to rib prevents loss of little seed.

We machine our own end rib filler plates out of stainless steel, with a custom machined taper at the bottom that will accomodate the profile of the end rib.  This will provide a tight seal and eliminate many of the issues associated with sloppy end plate arrangements.

End rib filler plate. Note contour of plate fits contour of last rib.
Also note rib rail..precision.  Stout.

Vandergriff Inc. Space blocks.
Our space Blocks are CNC machined from aircraft quality aluminum.  They are not cheap, wobbly casts from India or China.  All of this precision CNC work we do allows the conversion to be accurate and perform at the highest capacities possible.

Saw stacked with Vandergriff Inc. space blocks.  Ribs starting to be installed on rib rail.

Vandergriff Inc. 181 Conversion ginning 21.5 BPH at Moseley's Gin in Abbeville, Alabama.

Vandergriff Inc.' Product line is "A Product of Vandergriff Reseach."  All parts made and CNC machined in the USA and the quality shows.  

Loyd Vandergriff

Lets Gin.

Loyd Vandergriff and Chris Nachtmann of CNC Performance Engineering.