Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Updates

Hope the 2016 ginning season is going well for all. A few updates and reminders are in order, as this season begins to wind down.

Game Changer Ribs 

We have a waiting list started for Vandergriff Game Changer ribs for Continental Gin Stands. The first run of these will be ready around mid-February, 2017.  If we have to make another run to fill demand, then we are looking mid to late summer.  You need to call Vandergriff Inc. to get on list if you are interested in these high performance ribs, especially this first run.  We also make ribs for all others models of gin stands and it would be wise to call and get on a list for these as well. We CNC Machine between 7,000-8,000 ribs per year.  Even with this, if can be difficult to meet demand.


Our Game Changer 161-181 conversions are running good this season. You can up the capacity of your gin stand and plant in the most efficient way possible in terms of cost by converting your stands. These bad boys cruise at 20 BPH, and are capable of ginning rates of 22-24 BPH.  Our conversions are the only one with the Vandergriff 181 Game Changer rib. Competitors will not have access to this rib. We have elimated end ribs and replaced them with 1 intermediate rib to elimate nagging end rib issues.  This reduced our conversion to only 180 Saws.  Competitors try to make a big deal over this. This has not affected capacity of our conversion at all.  Don't fall for this weak attempt to compete with our conversion.

Think twice before you commit to big wide gin stands to get more capacity.  This will only be the beginning of your costs.

2 Vandergriff 181 Conversions running now at Cherokee Gin in Alabama.

Loyd Vandergriff

Vandergriff-American also offers The Jet Dryer and The Spider Round Module Feeder.  For information on these call:

John Freeman

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Game Changer Conversions.

We have several gins running our conversions in the field now.   These are 2 of the most recent 161-181 Conversions done by Vandergriff Inc. These particular ones are running at Cherokee Gin in Alabama.

These are cruising at 20 BPH per hour in this 2 stand plant, and have run up to 22-23 BPH.    If you have Continental Gin Stands and want to increase your capacity without spending excessive amounts of money on new gin stands, this is a very attractive option for you.   If  gin company's come knocking on your door wanting to sell you 10-12' wide gin stands, make sure you consider all the cost involved with it.  Changing overhead. Lint Cleaning.  Also, bigger fans and more horsepower for drying. Bigger burners, more BTU's.  Press upgrades. $$$.

Vandergriff Inc is the pioneer in the move to these narrower saw spacings, and gin stand conversions. Mr. Vandergriff did the first one in 1996.  This is the only conversion with the Game Changer Vandergriff Rib. Competitors do not and will not have access to this rib.

If you want to upgrade your plant , this should be an attractive option for you to consider.

Products of Vandergriff Research are made in the USA.  Not China. Not India. Not Pakistan.  The quality shows.

Loyd Vandergriff

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Vandergriff Inc. Fall Updates

Most USA ginners are off and running, while overseas ginners are starting to wind down.  If you are interested in the Vandergriff Gin Rib, we wanted you to know how important it is to get your order in as early as you can for the 2017 season. Yes these ribs can be hard to get as spring rolls on into summer. Here is why.

CNC Production Machine, Inc out of Charlotte, NC machines between 7,000-8,000 forgings a year into the various models of Vandergriff Ribs.  They have been doing this from the start (1994) and have the production of this rib down.  But to machine this type of volume of forgings is time consuming.  If we sell out of a particular model of rib in May, it will be hard to get the forgings and have them machined in time for you to get them when you need them for the upcoming season. This is why you need to order early.

Vandergriff Inc provides ribs for the following gin stands.

Lummus 116, 158 and 170 and 224.

This Lummus Rib also fits Cherokee Gin Stands.

Continental 141, 161, 201.

Also for the Vandergriff 181 Game Changer Conversion .

Consolidated 164, 198, 184 and 222.

Vandergriff Ribs are the only ones not made from cheap foreign castings. They are made in the USA.
With the narrower saw spacings becoming more popular, its imperative you use a rib made from a steel forging. Inaccurate cast ribs will not hold up to the stress that 200+ HP motors apply to them.

Vandergriff Ribs are running world-wide in all gin operations that realize how important it is to not skimp on gin ribs for their expensive gin stands and want optimum performance from them.

Call Loyd Vandergriff if you are interested in these ribs, or need replacements.

Vandergriff Inc

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Good Luck 2016 Season.

Would like to wish all of you good luck for the 2016 ginning season.  Vandy Inc. has products in gins that cut across a broad spectrum of the ginning process. From our Jet Dryer, to the Spider, to Game Changer Conversions, and finally our Industry leading Vandergriff Gin Rib. We help gins run at peak cost effective efficiency.  All of our products are manufactured in the USA.

All Equipment and parts provided by Vandergriff Inc are a "Product of Vandergriff Research."
Solid concepts, proven principles, quality equipment.

Loyd Vandergriff

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Vandergriff Game Changer Conversions

Vandergriff "Game Changer" Conversions for Continental Gin Stands loading up and heading out to Alabama. This gin is increasing their capacity in the most cost-effective way possible. No costly overhead modifications, or lint cleaner upgrades.
Vandergriff Inc. is the pioneer in gin stand conversions, converting a Continenal 161 to a 181 in 1996. This was the seminal conversion that became the template for any other competing companies  that later came out with these same saw spacings.  Vandergriff Conversions are the only one that has the Vandergriff Game Changer Rib.  Competitors are not able to duplicate this key feature of the conversion.

Vandergriff Game Changers Conversions Rollin out to Bama.

Loyd Vandergrifff

A Product of Vandergriff Research.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Vandergriff Ribs for Consolidated 184/222 gin stand ready to ship.

Consolidated 184/222 ribs about ready to package and ship.
People who purchase these ribs know their nagging rib issues are over. The others? They still fight with their cast ribs from China and India all season long. Vandergriff Ribs are made in the USA. The quality shows.

Vandergriff Inc.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Vandergriff Rib For Consolidated Gin Stands.

The Vandergriff Gin Rib for Consolidated  Gin Stands.  "The best gin rib on the planet." WayneTownes. Auscott LTD. Australia.

Vandergriff Ribs for Consolidated Gin Stands.

Vandergriff Gin Ribs are the only rib in the industry made from 1018 Steel forgings and CNC machined with extreme accuracy.  All of our competitors ribs are made from castings. They come from China, India, and worse..Pakistan.  They simply can not compete with The Vandergriff Rib. You make a significant investment in your ginstand.  Don't skimp on gin ribs.

Made in the USA.  
The quality shows.

Loyd Vandergriff

Lets Gin.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Mid-Summer Updates

It is smokin hot here in the Central Valley of California, and before you know it, the 4th of July will be here.

I wanted to update you on a few things, especially the performance of our Vandergriff Rib for Consolidated 184 and 222 saw gin stands.

Field reports from two different ginning operations in Australia continue to be outstanding.  Absolutely no issues at all with these ribs.  No tagging. No rib fires. No breakage of ribs.  This allows the gin stand to stay in and just gin.  Hour after hour. Shift after shift. Week after week.  This adds up to  a huge increase in productivity and increased profits for a ginning operation.  There is much talk by political candidates here in the USA, (especially by the Republican candidate) to "Buy American,  and Make America Great Again."  We at Vandergriff Inc. are all for that. Our steel, our forgings, and our CNC machined ribs are made from start to finish here in the USA.  The quality and performance shows.  Our competitors purchase their gin ribs from China, India, and even worse Pakistan. There is nothing "American" about them at all. More importantly,  they simply can not match the Vandergriff Rib in terms of quality, precision and performance. If you want to get what you paid for in terms of performance from your gin stand, we are here to help.   

We also have enough 181 Continental Game Changer ribs in stock to do two more 161-181 conversions.  No need to purchase the big wide gin stands forcing you to spend excessive amounts of money in other areas of your ginning operation. We can get you more capacity in a much more cost effective way. And as you well know, this is very important in the economic climate of today for todays ginners.  We are the pioneers in this area,  and the only one that offers the Vandergriff Game Changer Rib.  With the narrower saw spacings, cast ribs have a difficult time holding up to the extreme pressure placed on them by denser seed rolls and more often than not, increased horsepower applied to the roll box.

Jet Dryers:
Our Jet Dryers are now running all over the cotton belt here in the USA, and in several big operations in Australia.  No other dryer on the market creates as much turbulence, single locks, and reduces moisture as efficiently as they do.  Very low static drop, and the cotton enters the cleaners warm enhancing trash release. 

Give Vandergriff Inc a call.
Loyd Vandergriff

Made in the USA

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Field Reports on Vandy 222 Rib

I just received some information on how our Vandergriff Rib for Consolidated's 222 saw gin is performing in Australia.  This is from Southern Cotton, Chris Veness Gin Manager.  They have 4- 222 saw gin stands and have installed the Vandergriff Rib in two stands. Factory supplied Lummus Ribs for Consolidated stands are running in the other two. I will let this email speak for itself.

Hi Loyd, The Ribs we have installed are running perfectly. We installed them in gin #1 and gin #4 and ran a trial on all four gin stands.
The trial consisted of not checking ribs every hour as per usual. Instead we did not check the ribs at all. After 21 hours of ginning the first rib fire developed in gin #2.
We repeated the trial twice more with the same results (a fire in the Lummus built ribs).
Our current Rib checking reigeme is to check the Lummus Ribbed Gin Stands hourly. The Vandergriff Ribbed Gin Stands do not Get Checked, they have not generated any tags as yet.
We have Ginned around 25,000 bales so far. Will let you know if any problems arise.
I would like to organise another two sets of ribs also.

Chris Veness

There is no need to consider converting your Consolidated stands if you are having rib issues. This issue can be easily rectified by installing Vandergriff Ribs and save you tons of money avoiding expensive alternatives. Let your Consolidated Gin Stands gin to their potential.  Put in our rib, put the stand in and just let it gin.

Vandergriff Ribs For Consolidated Gin Stands.
Gin Ribs are our business.
CNC Machined from 1018 US Steel Forgings.
Made in USA.

Loyd Vandergriff

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Vandergriff 222 Ribs.

It is really no secret how much trouble Consolidated/Lummus has had with gin ribs for their 222 saw gin stands.  Due to so many calls to Vandergriff Inc., we stepped up and made a rib for these stands using the same process as we use for our other ribs.  The drawing for the rib was taken from the files of A.L  Vandergriff.  It is, a production drawing.  Lummus is now offering to convert the 222 to a Lummus 234.  For the most part, this is to dodge the rib nagging rib issues that plagued the stand.   The Consolidated 222 saw gin stand is an excellent high capacity gin stand, one that many made a significant investment in.  All it needs is a good high performance gin rib.  Why spend an excessive amount of money to solve rib issues?  Remember all the marketing that went into promoting the 222 saw gin stand?  Nothing has changed.  It just needs a good gin rib. We have one.

Vandergriff Ribs For A Consolidated Gin Stand.  "Turn it Loose and let it Gin."

Loyd Vandergriff

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Vandergriff Ribs For Consolidated Gin Stands

It was nice seeing many of you at the Texas Cotton Ginner's show in Lubbock.  

We have a couple of sets of 222/198/164 Ribs completed.  We won't have anymore of these until mid-summer.  These will cure any rib issues you may be having.  Production drawing done by Mr. A.L. Vandergriff and followed to the T, just like the rest of the Vandergriff Ribs.  Their reputation is unparalled.

Vandergriff Gin Rib For Consolidated Gin Stand.
Made In USA

Contact Loyd Vandergriff

For over 20 years, the highest quality gin rib in the world.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Texas Cotton Ginners Show, Lubbock, TX

Vandergriff Inc. is in Lubbock, TX for the Texas Cotton ginner's show. We have a booth on the main floor of the convention center. Drop by and see us.  We have a couple sets of 161 game changer ribs in stock still.  We still have a few sets of Lummus 170 Ribs, and we will have some Consolidated 198/222/184 Ribs soon.

We also have enough 181 ribs in stock to do 4, 161-181 Conversions.  We are the pioneers with these conversions and the only company that can do them with the precision needed to have them perform at peak levels.  Most importantly, our conversion comes with the Vandergriff 181 game changer rib, essential to the success of the conversion. No competitors have this and no foreign made conversion sold will have that rib available to them.

Vandergriff/American is also with us. John Freeman will be there to talk to you about Jet Dryers and Spiders. (Round module handlers)

Loyd Vandergriff
Vandergriff Inc.
559-280-3878 cell

Lets Gin.

Made in USA
"Product of Vandergriff Research.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Vandergriff Rib Updates 2016.

Here is a general overview of availability of Vandergriff Gin Ribs for the 2016 Season.

Continental 141 Ribs:
Sold Out!

Continental 161 Game Changer Ribs:
2 sets left.

Lummus Ribs for 158 and 170 Gin Stands:
Going into the production line soon.  All sold except for maybe 4-5 sets of 170's still available.

Consolidated Ribs:
164/198/222 available soon.  We will do another run of these, and have available mid summer.

*Why is availability so low?  Because people start ordering these as early as December, after they finish their season.

These ribs are made in the USA from start to finish.  We use 1018 closed die USA Steel.  Forgings are hammered out here in the USA.  They are CNC machined in North Carolina.  This is the only gin rib on the market today that is made in the USA.  These ribs are built to last. Most have been running easily over 10 seasons or longer once purchased.

Buying that "Pakistan Rib?"  All that country did was harbor and hide Bin Laden from us. Give him refuge.  They routinely let Al Queda and Taliban cross their border into Afghanistan and ambush US Marines and then cross back over to hide.  They burn American flags, and squandered over 80 billion dollars of USA money trying to help them.  Got us nothing but disrepect.

Vandergriff Inc. will be at the Texas Cotton Ginner's show in early April, 2016.  Drop by our booth. Hope to see ya there!

Loyd Vandergriff


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Vandergriff 161-181 Conversions.

Vandergriff 161-181 Conversion Smokin at 24 BHP.

We are the pioneers in these 161-181 Gin Stand Conversions and the only ones with the Vandergriff Game Changer Rib.  CRITICAL to preformance.

Why spend huge sums of money on 10-12 foot wide gin stands that force you to change your overhead as well?  $$$$.  In times like these, cost effective capacity increases work.

Loyd Vandergriff


See ya at the Texas Gin Show in April.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Vandy Ribs for Consolidated Gin Stands

We will have a few sets of Vandergriff Ribs for Consolidated Gin Stands soon, and some more sets in late spring.  If you have had any issues with your 184 or 222 Ribs, we can help you.  Our 164 and 198 models ran fine this past season.

Vandergriff 164/198 Rib
Note straightness and accuracy from ginning point to ginning point and from rib to rib.
Made from 1018 Closed die USA Steel. CNC Machined in the USA.
Purchase these, and focus on other issues in your ginning operation.

Top Rib. Vandergriff 198.
Bottom Rib. Factory installed 198 Rib.

That gin stand is "Built Tough."  So is the Vandergriff Rib.
"A Product Of Vandergriff Research."

We will be at the Texas Cotton Ginner's Show April 7th and 8th in Lubbock.
Hope to see you there.

Loyd Vandergriff

Monday, February 29, 2016

Update on Mid-South Farm in Gin Show.

We are back from the Mid-South Farm and Gin Show hosted in Memphis.  Thanks to all who dropped by our booth.  There was considerable interest in many of the product's and services we offer to the ginning community.

Key personnel from Namoi Cooperative in Australia.
Working with Vandy Inc., they have converted 40, 161 saw Continental Gin Stands to 181's.
These conversions all have the Vandergriff 181 Game Changer Rib.

Nic Thompson of Samual Strapping. Wayne Towns of Auscott. Auscott is running our Jet Dryers.
They are putting in 2 sets of our Vandy 222 ribs in their big Consolidated Gin Stands.  Loyd Vandergriff on the Left. John Freeman far right.  We take ribs and drying seriously. We can help you.

We have a waiting list for all models of our ribs. Continental Game Changers will be ready in a week.

In this tight economic environment, why buy a big 10-12 foot wide gin stand to increase your capacity?  If you are running Continental Gin Stands now, we can convert them for you.  You don't have to make massive changes in your overhead and lint cleaning.  Not to mention more air, heat and horsepower for drying. Consider all those costs. Our 181 can gin 24 BPH and cruise at 22.  Our Jet Dryers can reduce your drying costs and better prepare the cotton to go into your inclines to allow for better trash release.

We will be in Lubbock in early April for the Texas Cotton Ginner's Show. Come by and lets visit.

Loyd Vandergriff

All products provided by Vandergriff Inc are Product's of Vandergriff Research and Made in the USA.

Let's Gin.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Season!


We are taking orders for 2016. I encourage you to get your order in as early as possible. What this does is get you on the waiting list and put you at the top of the list for delivery dates if you order early.  All of our parts are time-consuming to make because of the precision machine work that goes into them. They are not parts made from a casting that have very little machining done on them. We are taking orders for the following:

Gin Ribs.

Continental Ribs:
Continental Ribs are all Game Changer ribs now, with the tweaked profile to help with seed discharge, and increased capacity. We offer 141, 161, and 181 Models.  The 161 also fits the 201 Gin Stand.

158, 116, 170 Model Ribs.

164/198/184/222 Model Ribs.

All Vandergriff Ribs are made in the USA from steel forgings and CNC machined.  No one can compete with their strength and precision, a must when dealing with little seed varieties and denser seed rolls with high horsepower driving it.

We can convert your 161 gin stand to a 181 gin stand. This will significantly increase your capacity, prevent loss of little seed, and do a better job of cleaning the seed. We can also convert your 141 to a 161 or 181 saw gin stand.  These conversions are now proven, and the parts we use to convert these stands are second to none. Vandergriff Inc. is the pioneer in gin stand conversions, and of course led to move to the narrower saw spacings now becoming more and more commonplace in the industry.

"I had Vandergriff Inc. convert 2 of my 161 Gin Stands. They have run for 2 seasons now averaging 20 BPH, and we have hit 22 BPH on many occasions.  I have had no issues with these conversions.  One of the best things I have done to my gin plant was to do this."  Ed Berry. Moseley's Gin and Whse.  334-585-2345

As far as conversions go, we could be making an exciting announcement soon on partnering up with someone that will do nothing but improve the conversion and allow us to follow it into the field to ensure its success.

We also offer Jet Dryers, the most efficient drying system on the market today, and The Spider, also the most efficient way to get those round modules into your gin.

Loyd Vandergriff

All Products of Vandergriff Research are Made in the USA with US Steel, not inferior foreign manufactered stuff.