Thursday, April 21, 2016

Vandergriff 222 Ribs.

It is really no secret how much trouble Consolidated/Lummus has had with gin ribs for their 222 saw gin stands.  Due to so many calls to Vandergriff Inc., we stepped up and made a rib for these stands using the same process as we use for our other ribs.  The drawing for the rib was taken from the files of A.L  Vandergriff.  It is, a production drawing.  Lummus is now offering to convert the 222 to a Lummus 234.  For the most part, this is to dodge the rib nagging rib issues that plagued the stand.   The Consolidated 222 saw gin stand is an excellent high capacity gin stand, one that many made a significant investment in.  All it needs is a good high performance gin rib.  Why spend an excessive amount of money to solve rib issues?  Remember all the marketing that went into promoting the 222 saw gin stand?  Nothing has changed.  It just needs a good gin rib. We have one.

Vandergriff Ribs For A Consolidated Gin Stand.  "Turn it Loose and let it Gin."

Loyd Vandergriff

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Vandergriff Ribs For Consolidated Gin Stands

It was nice seeing many of you at the Texas Cotton Ginner's show in Lubbock.  

We have a couple of sets of 222/198/164 Ribs completed.  We won't have anymore of these until mid-summer.  These will cure any rib issues you may be having.  Production drawing done by Mr. A.L. Vandergriff and followed to the T, just like the rest of the Vandergriff Ribs.  Their reputation is unparalled.

Vandergriff Gin Rib For Consolidated Gin Stand.
Made In USA

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For over 20 years, the highest quality gin rib in the world.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Texas Cotton Ginners Show, Lubbock, TX

Vandergriff Inc. is in Lubbock, TX for the Texas Cotton ginner's show. We have a booth on the main floor of the convention center. Drop by and see us.  We have a couple sets of 161 game changer ribs in stock still.  We still have a few sets of Lummus 170 Ribs, and we will have some Consolidated 198/222/184 Ribs soon.

We also have enough 181 ribs in stock to do 4, 161-181 Conversions.  We are the pioneers with these conversions and the only company that can do them with the precision needed to have them perform at peak levels.  Most importantly, our conversion comes with the Vandergriff 181 game changer rib, essential to the success of the conversion. No competitors have this and no foreign made conversion sold will have that rib available to them.

Vandergriff/American is also with us. John Freeman will be there to talk to you about Jet Dryers and Spiders. (Round module handlers)

Loyd Vandergriff
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