Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Rumors and misinformation about Vandergriff Ribs that run in gin stands with narrower saw spacings are proving costly for those that took the bait.

"We were told your rib lost seed."

Vandergriff Ribs are the Gold Standard in the ginning industry.
It's What We Do.

"A Product Of Vandergriff Research"

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mid Summer 2017

Summer is flying by.  We have been rocked by brutal heat in the Central Valley of California.  This has caused what was already an abnormal amount of snow in the high Sierra's to melt at a higher rate and rush down rivers and streams into reservoirs that simply can not handle this volume.  The only alternative was to "let it out," into the streams below. This of course has caused flooding down below in many areas.  Fortunately, the fertile Tulare Lake bottom has survived.  There were many bleak scenarios related to this, some as bad as 1969 that actually made the cover of Time Magazine.  But now, huge acreage of cotton will be planted, the biggest crop in years.  The entire cotton crop around the central valley looks as good as I have seen in many years.

The 1969 Flood was so serious that old cars were hauled in to place along the levee's to prevent erosion that could lead to serious compromise. A picture similar to this made the cover of Time Magazine.

1968 El Rico Gin

J.G Boswell's El Rico Gin had to be completely dismantled and hauled into the town of Corcoran and stored until the threat of the flood was over. Then, rebuilt.
This gin had many first for the industry.

World's First 40 BPH Gin plant.
First to have bales strapped naked at press.
First to have Automatic Trailer dump
First 10 foot cleaning equipment.
First drying systems to handle these types of capacities.
Design Engineer. A. L Vandergriff

We are glad the that things did not reach this level of seriousness with the heavy snowpack of 2017. This will allow companies like J.G. Boswell and other central valley farmers to plant as much cotton acreage as they like. Good news indeed.  

More news:

Vandergriff Inc has several projects going now that give cause for some excitement as the gin season approaches. On the gin rib front, we were thrilled we could help out a couple of gins that had ordered and  received new gin ribs that were not straight, making it all but impossible to even get them installed.  We happened to have enough in our inventory to supply them and solve this issue for them. You all know that Vandergriff Ribs will never show up to a gin with issues related to straightness.  We have pretty much sold out of all models of our ribs now.  That's usually the case when it gets to be this time of the year.

We got many of our Jet Dryers in some nice gin plants this spring and summer as well. In an environment where energy costs are a real factor, these dryers are extremely efficient to operate.  Lots of natural single locking action going on in the dryer that prepares the cotton to do a better job of releasing trash when it hits the incline cylinder cleaners.  More and more ginner's are seeing the benefit of switching over to Jet Dryers to dry and condition their cotton while saving money on energy costs as well.

We hope as gin season fast approaches, that it will be a good season for everyone.  Don't hesitate to give us a call.

Loyd Vandergriff

Friday, June 9, 2017

More Gin Rib Updates.

There continues to be discussions and debate on design of gin ribs, especially when it comes to relief sections for ribs running in stands with narrower saw spacings,  I will again emphasize that Vandergriff came up with the current spacings in 1996.  Along with this, he developed a rib to go with it.  In doing so, he chose not to abandon the type of relief section that he had used in all ribs Vandergriff Inc. had manufactured up to this time.  The Vandergriff Rib was already well on its way to becoming the standard in the industry. This relief section, coupled with the skilled use of CNC Machining from a 1018 steel forging contributed heavily to the success and performance  and reputation of Vandergriff Ribs.

There continues to be emphasis by some that this relief section needs to be narrowed, or closed up more to deal with seed loss. This argument is presented by competitors that have had serious issues in this area.  We have not had these issues with the Vandergriff  Rib and see no need to change our current arrangement.  Please take note of the following.

Vandergriff 181 Gin Rib for Continental Gin Stand

This Gin Rib is used on the 161-181 saw spacings established by Vandergriff in 1996. We worked with Namoi Cooperative in converting their 161-181 saw gins. Ultimately they ended up with 20 converted gin stands, all running the Vandergriff Game Changer rib with our standard relief section.  They are not losing any seed with our design. Overall, there are a total of 26 gin stands overseas and in the USA  with narrow saw spacing's running the game changer with this relief design. None. Zero, report any seed loss.

Given this type of success,  it was only natural that we apply this same relief design to our Vandergriff  Rib for Consolidated 184/222 saw gin stands. These stands use the same narrow saw spacing's as the Continental 181. (Vandergriff, 1996 spacings)

Given all the talk through-out the industry related to this, I decided to make some inquiries on how our Ribs are currently performing this season.

Chris Veness at Southern Ginning in Australia is running our rib in all 4- 222 saw gin stands in one of his plants.  When I enquired how the ribs are performing he said: "The new seed varieties make it more difficult to clean the seed, so we are having to gin at a slightly lower ginning rate, but we are not seeing an issue with seed loss." We continue to be very happy with the ribs, and all 4 gin stands run non-stop."

I called Jackson Hammack at Early Country Gin in Georgia.  He has two of his three 184 gin stands running our rib. He said, "We have no issues with the Vandergriff  Rib. We certainly have no issue with seed loss.  We push these stands up to 20 bales per hour plus and they just gin.  We most certainly can not do this with our other gin stand that is running conventional gin ribs.

All Vandergriff Ribs use this Vandy Relief design.  This, coupled with precision CNC work from 1018 steel forgings allow ours to perform at high levels. From Lummus 158-170. To Continental 141-161-181. We have them running in Cherokee Stands as well. Their performance in all these stands over time has helped establish the rib as the premier rib in the industry.  But even with this well earned reputation, there can be exceptions to the rule when it comes to performance.  These exceptions are difficult to understand or explain. It could be as simple as the ginning point being off, tooth lead not in proper location, or the rib rails themselves not located or installed accurately.  Other gin stand issues and settings could come into play.  I would only comment from a Vandergriff perspective that any issues such as seed loss and performance are extremely rare with our rib and most often  caused by issues that are not rib related.

Loyd Vandergriff