Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Field Reports on Vandy 222 Rib

I just received some information on how our Vandergriff Rib for Consolidated's 222 saw gin is performing in Australia.  This is from Southern Cotton, Chris Veness Gin Manager.  They have 4- 222 saw gin stands and have installed the Vandergriff Rib in two stands. Factory supplied Lummus Ribs for Consolidated stands are running in the other two. I will let this email speak for itself.

Hi Loyd, The Ribs we have installed are running perfectly. We installed them in gin #1 and gin #4 and ran a trial on all four gin stands.
The trial consisted of not checking ribs every hour as per usual. Instead we did not check the ribs at all. After 21 hours of ginning the first rib fire developed in gin #2.
We repeated the trial twice more with the same results (a fire in the Lummus built ribs).
Our current Rib checking reigeme is to check the Lummus Ribbed Gin Stands hourly. The Vandergriff Ribbed Gin Stands do not Get Checked, they have not generated any tags as yet.
We have Ginned around 25,000 bales so far. Will let you know if any problems arise.
I would like to organise another two sets of ribs also.

Chris Veness

There is no need to consider converting your Consolidated stands if you are having rib issues. This issue can be easily rectified by installing Vandergriff Ribs and save you tons of money avoiding expensive alternatives. Let your Consolidated Gin Stands gin to their potential.  Put in our rib, put the stand in and just let it gin.

Vandergriff Ribs For Consolidated Gin Stands.
Gin Ribs are our business.
CNC Machined from 1018 US Steel Forgings.
Made in USA.

Loyd Vandergriff