Thursday, May 18, 2017

Vandergriff Inc. Late Spring Updates

Hope the repair season is going well and hope the outlook for cotton crops across the cotton belt are looking good.  A few observations and updates are in order.

There continues to be rumblings through the industry of a need for a gin rib that will not lose little seed, especially on gin stands that have gone to narrower saw spacing's.  This could come from a conversion of an existing stand, or a new gin stand that has incorporated these saw spacing's into their product line. These rumblings come from people that have never run a Vandergriff Rib in stands with narrower spacing's. This is very disconcerting. None of our gin ribs for any model of gin stand or any saw spacing has ever let seed escape. Ever. Customers who run them will readily document this.  Any loss of seed through your ribs is not acceptable.  We have ribs for all models of gin stands. Vandergriff Inc was the pioneer in the move to narrower saw spacing's and when the need arose, developed gin ribs to deal with this as well.  Managers from big gin operations in Australia that had purchased big gin stands with narrow saw spacing's reached out to us to help them with their gin rib issues. We responded.  Their issues were solved.  Whatever  model gin stand you have whether its a conversion or a new gin stand, we can help you. You don't have to "settle" for the status quo which is not working out well for you or wait for them to continue to try and develop a rib to solve this. We already have one.

Mr. Vandergriff did a lot of research on narrowing the saw spacing's in 1996.  He converted a 161 saw gin stand to a 181. This conversion ran for close to 10 years before people finally took interest in its real potential for capacity increase and seed cleaning capabilities. Could he have gone even narrower?  Understand this was a radical move for the time.  His research indicated this would be the optimum spacing to increase capacity and clean seed without issues developing. Vandergriff Inc continues to believe this spacing to be the ideal spacing.  Any effort to "narrow this down" further will bring in complications that he strongly considered at the time. All of our conversions and work we do in this area use his 1996 gold standard spacing.  All our ribs go hand in hand with this. With any gin stand that is using narrower saw spacings, a strong, accurate CNC machined gin rib is essential. We have it.

Keep checking for updates on what is going on with Vandergriff Inc. We have exciting projects in the mill. We have outstanding drying system options with our Jet Dryer, and Spider to deal with round modules that our becoming more and more the standard.

Loyd Vandergriff