Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Updates

Hope the 2016 ginning season is going well for all. A few updates and reminders are in order, as this season begins to wind down.

Game Changer Ribs 

We have a waiting list started for Vandergriff Game Changer ribs for Continental Gin Stands. The first run of these will be ready around mid-February, 2017.  If we have to make another run to fill demand, then we are looking mid to late summer.  You need to call Vandergriff Inc. to get on list if you are interested in these high performance ribs, especially this first run.  We also make ribs for all others models of gin stands and it would be wise to call and get on a list for these as well. We CNC Machine between 7,000-8,000 ribs per year.  Even with this, if can be difficult to meet demand.


Our Game Changer 161-181 conversions are running good this season. You can up the capacity of your gin stand and plant in the most efficient way possible in terms of cost by converting your stands. These bad boys cruise at 20 BPH, and are capable of ginning rates of 22-24 BPH.  Our conversions are the only one with the Vandergriff 181 Game Changer rib. Competitors will not have access to this rib. We have elimated end ribs and replaced them with 1 intermediate rib to elimate nagging end rib issues.  This reduced our conversion to only 180 Saws.  Competitors try to make a big deal over this. This has not affected capacity of our conversion at all.  Don't fall for this weak attempt to compete with our conversion.

Think twice before you commit to big wide gin stands to get more capacity.  This will only be the beginning of your costs.

2 Vandergriff 181 Conversions running now at Cherokee Gin in Alabama.

Loyd Vandergriff

Vandergriff-American also offers The Jet Dryer and The Spider Round Module Feeder.  For information on these call:

John Freeman

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