Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Vandy Updates/Ribs

As we near the completion of January, we are entering record territory for pre-sale gin rib orders, especially for Vandergriff Continental Game Changers.  The current run we are now starting has a completion date of approximately June 1, 2018.  This is a huge run. All these people got their orders early.   We have started another waiting list for late summer delivery.  There will miminal availability for this one.  As most know, all Vandergriff Gin Ribs are CNC machined from 1018 USA steel forgings.  This forging process is only used by Vandergriff Inc.   CNC Performance Engineering  in Charlotte, NC has machined Vandergriff Ribs for 22 years. The combination of these two make the Vandergriff rib the elite gin rib in the business.  

We will also have a few sets of Vandergriff Ribs for Lummus Gin Stands availabe as well.

Vandergriff Game Changer Ribs.

No Gin Rib has the precision of Vandergriff Ribs.

Ribs shipping out to Australia.
Proudly Made in the USA
Where are your ribs made?

Loyd Vandergriff


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