Monday, April 2, 2018

Late Spring Updates

Great seeing many of you at the Mid-South Farm and Gin Show a few weeks back. Thanks for stopping by the booth and chatting.

As mentioned before, we are in unprecedented territory for pre-sales on our Vandergriff 161 Game Changer Rib.  As it stands now, we only have maybe 4 sets left to sell, with a delivery date of August.
We CNC machine all the ribs, a time consuming process but the key to our precision and accuracy.

Game Changer Forgings waiting to be CNC Machined.
1018 USA Steel.
Made in USA

On a side note, I still am amazed at some of things that float around in the industry regarding the Vandergriff Rib. I had one guy ask me the other day if it really is a forged rib.  He went on to say it looks rough on the backside.  Yep.  We machine the backside, but don't give it the finish that we give on the front side, and we don't plate it either.  No reason to.  Of course it is a forging.  Very expensive tooling developed by Vandergriff Inc and CNC Performance Engineering to get the forgings made. There are only a couple of forging places in the USA that have the equipment powerful enough to hammer these bad boys out.  CNC Performance engineering has been machining these parts for 22 years. They have the process down to keep prices as low as we possibly can.  

Many of you are getting cotton planted now. Hope its going good for you.  Beware of  some varieties of seed.  With more and more emphasis being placed on yield, the trade-off has been smaller and smaller seed. Some of these are getting to small to gin effectively.  

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