Monday, September 25, 2017

Ribs and Miscellaneous

Ginning season is right on us, and some of you have already started, especially in South Texas.  Some of the crops may come in earlier than expected in the southern states as well.  Vandergriff Inc is already running ribs for export right now.  We have big orders to fill.  As soon as we complete this run, we will jump right in to making ribs for the USA market.  Most of you know that to make a Vandergriff Rib is very time-consuming.  From forgings we acquire (From 1018 USA steel) to CNC Machining each rib.  This is why its important to get your orders in as soon as possible. Even now  is not too early for the USA market.  When we order forgings, we can include your order and you will get yours in early spring.  Orders placed right after the first of the new year also have a good chance of delivery in early to mid-spring as well.  We now manufacture several models of ribs for different type of gin stands and this adds to time of production.  If we were running one particular model of rib, we could just let it roll.

We make ribs for:

Consolidated Gin Stands
Lummus Gin Stands
Cherokee Gin Stands
Continental Gin Stands

Our ribs are made in the USA.  Our competitors are for the most part, made in China, India or Pakistan.  There is no comparison in performance. Don't let your huge investment in a gin stand have its performance affected by inferior gin ribs.

We have a lot of our Jet Dryer installations running this season, along with many others that have been running for many years now. Cost effective drying.  I have written other blogs on this. Check them out.

We have a couple of other products hitting the ginning market soon.  Keep your ears to the ground and check here every so often. You will be hearing about them. :)

Jet Dryers

Vandy Ribs for Consolidated Gin Stands

Vandergriff Ribs shipping out for export.
Made in USA on boxes.

"Products of Vandergriff Research"

Wishing you a great season. We appreciate all our customers world-wide.

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